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Student Life

Student Spotlight: Comic Strip Competition

 Cody, Justin and Liam

Meet Cody, Justin and Liam, 5th grade students at the Hatherly School. They requested a meeting with Mrs. Sheahan for approval to hold a comic strip competition for the whole school. They came to the meeting prepared with their ideas and a possible schedule. Once they had the approval, they got their idea rolling! 

  • They introduced the competition over the intercom system a few afternoons.
  • They visited classrooms to explain the competition in more detail.

Comic strips are all due on March 15th and voting begins the week of March 18th.  All of the comic strips submitted will be hung in the cafeteria for the entire school to place their votes.  The winner will be announced on Friday, March 22nd and there will be a special prize handed out for the winning comic strip. 

Wow! What a great example of leadership, responsibility, and organization! 

image2-103.jpgJustin, Liam and Cody visiting a kindergarten classroom.

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