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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Family and friends, welcome to our digital space! The mantra remains "ALWAYS WE. ALWAYS LOVE." Please allow your journey on this page to appreciate the total capacity of its content as a resource. Here, you will learn about our LIT foundation for equity efforts and how we have an ecosystem for love, inclusion, and trust for all. 

What is LIT (Love, Inclusion & Trust)?

LIT is an acronym standing for Love, Inclusion, and Trust. These are essential ingredients for the manifestation of spaces grounded in belonging. Love, inclusion, and trust are timeless values and cornerstones of student development, collegiality, community building, and communication. As the foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, LIT contributes to the feeling of welcome and belonging experienced by all in our district.


District LIT Committee

The District LIT Committee is a leadership team of staff, administrators, and faculty dedicated to developing, navigating, and implementing district-wide LIT efforts. The District LIT Committee provides guidance and insight regarding LIT initiatives at each school. In addition, the committee assists all schools in having synergy with school-based LIT Teams.

The goals of the district LIT committee are to:

  • Execute goals and initiatives as detailed in the SPS strategic plan.
  • Provide recommendations for staff and faculty professional development.

SPS Equity Audit

The independent equity audit completed by Professional Consulting Group (PCG) during the fall of 2022 is a comprehensive evaluation of SPS critical areas such as human resources, district climate, district culture, funding allocations, and district/school policies to attain and maintain successful outcomes for each student our district serves. In addition, this equity audit is an opportunity to assess how our district is doing in these key areas and identify areas where growth might or might not be needed. 

Professional Development


Shortstop workshops are a series of 10 monthly LIT professional development workshops led by our DE&I Director. Shortstops are after-school, voluntary and open to all staff. 

Community Engagement

Scituate Public Schools manifests events that connect to all academic levels, our district, and the community. Some examples include:

LIT Community Conversations

LITCC are bimonthly conversations open to the community on specific LIT-related topics. LITCC is hosted by the Scituate Town Library.

LIT Open Expression Nights

LIT Open Expression Nights are monthly occasions for community members to express themselves through artistic talents. These evenings are done in partnership with and occur at the Scituate Town Public Library.

LIT Podcast 

Scituate Public Schools uses a podcast platform to discuss love, inclusion, and trust topics. Conversations take place with students, staff, and community members.

Why it matters: The podcasts provide an opportunity for listeners to hear the thoughts of district and community members on LIT topics. Examples of topics include elementary school scholars discussing what LIT means to them and middle school scholars advising fifth graders based on their experiences. 


The LIT Line provides opportunities to hear positive affirmations connected to LIT messages created by scholars, staff, and community members. 

The Scituate Public Schools LIT Line is always open. Call to listen, learn, and receive positive affirmations, quotes, and stories from our Scituate friends and family. 

Why it matters: The LIT Line provides an additional platform for our district and community members to engage in an auditory and positive affirmation of love, inclusion, and trust. LIT team members and members of our community typically leave messages. Previous messages coincided with heritage months, such as Women’s Heritage Month.

Annual District-wide Events and Celebrations

Annual MLK Memorial 

The Annual MLK Memorial is an annual event that is open to the community to honor the legacy of Dr. King's virtues of love, justice, and community.


PRIDE Month events are experiences, like an Open Mic, that celebrate, uplift, and recognize the voices and journeys of our LGBTQIA+ kinfolk, friends, families, and allies.


Our annual Juneteenth event joins the national recognition of enslaved people in Galveston, Texas, learning of their freedom 2 1/2 years after the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation. 


If you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved, please contact:

All Things LIT! 

LITE (LIT Ecosystem)

The tree below visually represents the foundation of LIT throughout the district — an ecosystem of love, inclusion, and trust as rooted in a tree.


And from those roots, different branches of LIT are born with the teams, programs, and initiatives we’ve built at each school, such as:

  • LIT Teams
  • LIT Parent/Caregiver Advisory Groups
  • LIT Bedtime Stories
  • This is Our House

See what’s happening at each school 

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