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Scituate Public Schools enjoys a rich partnership with METCO, the METropolitan COuncil for Educational Opportunity. METCO is a school integration program that enrolls Boston students in grades K-10 in participating suburban public schools to reduce racial isolation. METCO has been in existence since 1966. The partnership with Scituate began in 1968 when 20 Boston resident students entered Scituate High School. Today, there are around 70 students in the Scituate METCO program each year.

Boston resident students participate in all aspects of the academic and extracurricular life of the schools and become valued members of the Scituate community. Students get a great education, but METCO’s true power goes beyond academics. The Scituate METCO program is committed to ensuring that students and families in each community - Boston and Scituate - benefit from the experience: appreciation for diversity, skills in navigating a multicultural world, and lifelong friendships.

Enrollment and Placement 

METCO students must permanently reside in the City of Boston. Enrollment into the program begins at the METCO, Inc. Headquarters (HQ) in Boston. Parents may register by using METCO HQ’s online portal during the designated application windows. Districts select students who have completed applications yearly by lottery based on the number of available seats in each grade. Interested parents may call METCO HQ at (617) 445-1545 or visit their website for more information. Please note that METCO districts, such as Scituate, do not handle the lottery or application process.


The document below lists the stop locations and the estimated arrival and drop-off times for Boston students. Please arrive at your bus stop 10 to 15 minutes before the posted time. Afternoon drop-off times may vary slightly due to traffic but have been estimated to be close to being listed.

Please note the rules and expectations for all students riding the bus are outlined in each school's Student Handbook. Learning, understanding, and following these rules and expectations will make for a safer and more pleasant bus ride and school year.

A daily late bus service is provided for Scituate's Boston residents, allowing students to participate in after-school activities like clubs, sports, and other enrichment programs. Students must sign up daily for transportation on the day they wish to ride.


  • Shawn Ayala, METCO Director, 781-545-8760 ext. 11327
  • MarKaveus Barnes, METCO Program Manager, 781-545-8760 ext. 11328

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