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17 Graduates Earn the Seal of Biliteracy

Seal of Biliteracy

The class of 2024 is full of bilingual superstars! 17 graduates earned the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy through their hard work and dedication to the study of world language. The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy is awarded to state-approved districts. Students who earn this award perform well on both the MCAS and the STAMP Assessments proving they are literate in more than one language. 

These 17 students will have a special seal on their diplomas that let future employers and academic institutions know that they have skills in more than one language. 

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Myles Wasserman
  • Benjamin Eachus 
  • Louisa Kinsley
  • Matthew Carolan
  • Ava Von Freyman
  • Max Allen
  • Ameliya Khadzhem
  • Natalia Lipchitz
  • Beth MacCune
  • Katelyn Mankewich
  • David Murphy
  • Nick Mutter
  • Claire Murray
  • Ashley Doherty
  • Adeline Oliver
  • Matthew Short
  • Juniper Rodley

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