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All Things LIT

LIT Is an acronym standing for Love, Inclusion, and Trust. These are essential ingredients for the manifestation of spaces grounded in belonging. Love, Inclusion and Trust are timeless values and cornerstones of student development, collegiality, community building and communication. Serving as the foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, LIT provides a framework of the expectation that schools ensure that all individuals in our district experience a genuine feeling of welcome and belonging.

LIT Line

The LIT Line provides opportunities to connect, feel included, and share what makes each of us unique yet part of something bigger. Scituate Public Schools, "Our Home Away From Home," and the LIT Line extends access to OUR HOUSE!

The Scituate Public Schools LIT Line is always open. Call 781-545-8759 x 23302 to listen, learn, receive positive affirmations and quotes, and stories from our Scituate friends and family.

The LIT line is always changing, so call back often. And let us know if you'd like to provide a message. You can share it or it can be done by an SPS staff member. Messages are subject to review and/or removal. 

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