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Community Service

Adjustments for high school community service requirements:

  • Class of 2022: 25 hours
  • Class of 2023: 30 hours
  • Class of 2024: 40 hours
  • Class of 2025 and following: 50 hours

Community Service Form

All Scituate High School students are required to serve a minimum of 50 hours of community service to be eligible for a Scituate High School diploma. These service hours are to be completed beyond the school day and must be pre-approved by a school counselor. Community service hours cannot begin prior to the summer before freshman year and cannot be supervised by a parent/guardian or other family member. All community service hours must be completed and papers passed in by the end of first semester senior year.

Once you have completed your community service activity, list the dates, times and total hours and have it signed by the supervisor in charge of the activity. Submit this sheet to your School Counselor and your hours will be logged into the computer.

Community Service Opportunities

If you are a member of an organization that would like to offer community service opportunities for our students, please email

Scituate Alliance of Natural Disaster Services (SANDS) 

SANDS (Scituate Alliance of Natural Disaster Services) is an organization that provides resources/ support to residents that have been affected by natural disasters. This help is provided by a collaboration of government officials, emergency personnel, faith based organizations and volunteers.

Student volunteers are involved in a variety of events throughout the year. SANDS participates in many community events to spread the word about SANDS at community events such as Fire Department open houses, Heritage Days, Fall for Scituate. Students could be doing any number of tasks as these events (face painting, handing out information packets, food tables). Students also play a vital part in emergency preparation and shelter breakdown as well as helping Scituate residents return to their homes after a natural disaster (always with a SANDS adult volunteer). 

To be able to support your fellow residents and potentially some of your friends is an extremely gratifying way to do your community service hours. Our student volunteers have always felt a huge sense of accomplishment when performing community service hours for SANDS. 

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the volunteer base, please contact Ms. McCarthy,

Scituate Community Christmas

To find out about community service opportunities, please send an email to

Scituate Etrusco

Scituate Etrusco is in need of students for a project at their building. If interested please contact Mr. Katersky at

Scituate FACTS

There are many opportunities during the year to help Scituate FACTS. Students are encouraged to join the Scituate FACTS Remind Group text for reminders. Text @shsFACT to 81010.

Scituate Food Pantry

The Pantry’s success in addressing food insecurity is directly related to its all-volunteer team and the incredible support of Scituate residents. We can always use extra hands to assist in processing donations, restocking our shelves and unloading food deliveries. 

Masks are mandatory and social distancing will be expected. Only 4 volunteers at a time.

Scituate Recreation Department

The Mission of the Scituate Recreation Department is to provide exceptional and creative programs, services and facilities that foster community spirit and involvement while enhancing the quality of life for all people in Scituate.

Along with planning, organizing and executing the special events listed below we also run approximately 300 plus classes a year. 

The Scituate Recreation Department has volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Appalachia Service Project

Appalachia Service Project brings volunteers and communities together in the heart of Central Appalachia, strengthening faith, deepening relationships, and spreading hope. For more information of volunteering please visit the website:

Habitat for Humanity

With Habitat for Humanity, you have the opportunity to build in your community and also in communities around the world.

Because of the help of people like you, whole neighborhoods improve and completely transform. Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life. 

Learn how you can volunteer:

Historical Society Help

Community service hours will be given generously as a sign of our great appreciation.

To sign up (required) or for any questions please text or call Pastor Chris at (517) 404-6816.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus offers many community service opportunities for SHS students. If you need hours, please contact Mr. Burke at Help is always needed. 

Maura’s Mission

Maura’s Mission is a grassroots humanitarian effort that seeks to be a beacon of hope for inner-city individuals. The members of Maura’s Mission bring this beacon to the streets of Boston via food, clothes, blankets and the warmth of human interaction. By providing life essentials, the mission strives to eradicate the hopelessness, helplessness, and despair often felt by individuals who are struggling with addiction, homelessness and other life-changing events.

How can you help? Check out the Facebook page for more information:

Pine Street Inn

Our friends and supporters who donate their time and talents play an essential role in our efforts to end homelessness. We are grateful to be joined by more than 5,000 volunteers every year, ranging from corporate, civic and faith-based organizations to individuals and groups of friends and families. Volunteer opportunities are available at our shelter and housing locations throughout Greater Boston.

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