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Course Selection

Each March, all rising 9th-12th grade students will have approximately two weeks to enter their course selections in the student ASPEN portal. 

Students and families should review the SHS Program of Studies to become familiar with the high school’s diverse programming and available course offerings.

Course Planning Sheet


How are course levels recommended? Courses available for selection are based on available academic data to best promote academic growth and success for the student.

How do I change a recommended course level for my student? If you wish to discuss a placement or level for rising 9th grade students, please contact that Department’s Chairperson so that they can support you in this process. Rising 10-12th grade students should discuss their changes with their school counselor.

Is the course selection process on a first-come, first-served basis? No. Once student selections are made, the master building schedule is built. Once the building schedule is finalized, the students are then scheduled into classes.

Can students change their world language? Yes. In the Aspen portal, students are given a choice to select an alternative world language. Please note that Scituate High School requires a minimum of two years of a consecutive world language.

Can a student take a second world language, and if yes, how do they register for it? Students may select a second world language in addition to their primary world language when making course selections in Aspen.

If my student receives special education services, will their academic strategies block impact their elective choices? Yes. Academic Strategies courses count towards their overall credit requirement.

What if I don’t get my first-choice elective? Is there a way to change it after schedules come out? Students are required to choose alternates when making course selections in the event their primary courses cannot be fulfilled. Please note that all efforts are made to accommodate selections but there is no guarantee that all course requests will be fulfilled and schedules cannot be changed.

Contact Information

Department Chairperson Contact Information: 781-545-8759

  • Patrick Newton, Science and Engineering - ext. 23377
  • Samantha Lesniak, Social Studies - ext. 23392
  • Laura Messner, ELA - ext. 23376
  • Liz Grindle, Math and Computer Science - ext. 21008
  • Jim Thomas, Fine Arts - ext. 23342
  • Kate Ciulla, World Language - ext. 21009
  • Greg Ranieri, Business, Health, Wellness and Family & Consumer Sciences - ext. 23401
  • Tammy Rundle, School Counseling - ext 11370


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