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School Communications


We share alerts and school-related information with parents and caregivers through our website. It's the one true source of accurate and timely school-related information. 

Scituate Public Schools Mobile App

The mobile app is simply a tool that notifies you when alerts and news are published on our website. You can choose one or more SPS schools to get notifications from.

  • In addition to posting critical alert banners to our website, we will send the alert to your phone number (text and/or voice message) and email address. Examples: school closings, emergency or weather related information.

  • Contact the Main Office to update your information. Make sure your phone number and email address are up-to-date so you don’t miss critical messages.

School & Family Communication Guide

We’ve created a guide to help promote efficient and effective school and family communication. It will direct you to the right place for questions or concerns that are student- or school-related.


Contact Teachers or Staff

Families, students, or staff can log in to Aspen to find email addresses.

Families may also call the Main Office for contact information. 


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