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Student Parking

Student parking at Scituate High School is limited. For the first semester, on-campus, permitted parking is designated a Senior Privilege for members of the class of 2024.


  • Complete the SHS Parking Application Form. A link to the form is sent via email.
  • Once your completed application has been reviewed, you will receive an email with payment information.
  • Pay the $120 fee online.
  • Once payment is processed, a space will be assigned.


  • You must have a valid driver's license before applying for your parking pass. If you have a permit, you must wait to apply for your license.


  • Payment/application does not guarantee a parking space.
  • Class of 2024 Seniors will have preference.
  • All applications are time-stamped as we receive them. Therefore, all the parking spots will be assigned in the order they are received.
  • A current parking pass is necessary to park at Scituate High School legally. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas may be towed at the owner's expense.

Parking privileges may be denied or revoked for unsatisfactory attendance, tardiness, academic ineligibility, unfulfilled disciplinary consequences, outstanding books or materials, or as a disciplinary consequence for violations as determined by the administration. A student’s automobile/bicycle/other form of transportation is subject to search when the school has reasonable suspicion that the student has contraband, drugs, or weapons or if there is reason to believe there is an immediate physical threat to the school and the student, or if there is reason to believe that the student has violated or is violating the law or school rules.


For questions about student parking, please call the Main Office.

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