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School Improvement Plan

Scituate High School Mission

Scituate High School strives to provide an environment conducive to the fullest possible development of each student. Our programs endeavor to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles and a wide range of abilities and goals. The ongoing renewal of these programs is sustained by the belief that enabling students in the present is helping them build lives as contributing adults. Our graduation requirements encourage students to participate in a program where they are exposed to a variety of courses, activities, and instructional approaches.


  1. To increase access to and participation in advanced coursework/ Advanced Placement opportunities
  2. To prepare students for 21st Century Careers through high-interest concentrations of coursework, extracurricular, work-based and service opportunities.
  3. To support and motivate students to achieve their highest potential though individual, flexible and structured educational and support experiences.
  4. All stakeholders will work to create a safe and welcoming environment through relationship building where all students and staff can Serve, Achieve, Invest and Learn.

Read through our School Council's plan to meet our goals.

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