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All Things LIT


Family and friends, welcome to our digital space! The mantra remains “ALWAYS WE. ALWAYS LOVE.” Please allow your journey on this page to appreciate the total capacity of its content as a resource. Here, you will learn about the school’s LIT initiatives and how we have an ecosystem for love, inclusion, and trust for all. 

What is LIT (Love, Inclusion & Trust)?

LIT is an acronym standing for Love, Inclusion, and Trust. These are essential ingredients for the manifestation of spaces grounded in belonging. Love, inclusion, and trust are timeless values and cornerstones of student development, collegiality, community building, and communication. As the foundation for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, LIT contributes to the feeling of welcome and belonging experienced by all in our district. 


SPS Pledge

The SPS Pledge details who we are as a district and is found on a proud banner in every school.

We are Scituate Public Schools.
We reflect family, education, and each other.
We are always we.
We are the present and the future.
Unified by love, inclusion, and trust.
We are scholars, family, and together.

Wampatuck LIT Team

LIT Teams are an exciting collective of staff and students from each school that meet regularly during the school year to serve as an origin for many things connected to love, inclusion, and trust for the school. 

LIT Teams uplift student voices in our school's presence of LIT. LIT Teams also create additional opportunities for partnerships with educators and staff! Finally, LIT Teams demonstrate what LIT looks like in action.

  • Contact Debra Edgren, Carolina Carr or Rachel Rosado to join the team.

LIT Parent/Caregiver Advisory Group

LITPAG is a collective of staff, parents, and caregivers from each school that meet to serve as an origin for many things connected to love, inclusion, and trust for the school.

  • Membership is open to parents and caregivers.
  • LITPAG meets monthly.
  • LITPAG has been an instrumental part of the annual MLK Memorial, LIT Bedtime Stories, PRIDE Month, and our yearly Juneteenth celebration.

If you are interested in becoming a participating member, please contact:


SPS has events at the school, district, and community levels. Some examples include:

This Is Our House

TIOH is an annual assembly experience occurring at every school in our district. TIOH aims to affirm our sense of community, remind ourselves of our commitment to LIT, and encourage and uplift student voices and talent while enjoying the start of the year. TIOH affirms that every student is valued. TIOH assists in setting the stage for the year to come!

LIT Bedtime Stories (LBS)

LBS is a LITPAG program that provides a Zoom space where families can zoom in to hear a short bedtime story. All stories are 15 minutes or less and are connected to LIT. Stories are intended for elementary school-aged students. Parents, middle school students, high school students, and community members are welcome to request to be readers!


If you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved, please contact:

SPS Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

LITE (LIT Ecosystem)

The tree below visually represents the foundation of LIT throughout the district — an ecosystem of love, inclusion, and trust as rooted in a tree.


Our school’s LIT teams and programs sprout from the district’s support of and commitment to LIT through strategic planning, engagement with the Scituate community, and LIT-focused initiatives and resources:

  • District LIT Committee
  • SPS Equity Audit
  • Shortstop Workshops
  • LIT Community Conversations
  • LIT Open Expression Nights
  • LIT Podcast
  • SPS LIT Line
  • Annual District-wide Events and Celebrations

Learn more about the roots of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Scituate Public Schools.

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