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Getting to and from School

Bus Schedule and Routes

Please be at your bus stop 15 minutes before the posted time.

Bus Riders

  • Buses arriving before 7:45 AM will instruct students to report to the Dining Commons. 
  • Buses arriving after 7:45 AM will release students directly into the school. 
  • At the end of the day, students should report to their buses, which will be parked in the same spot each day.

Questions about Bus Transportation

Car/Bike Riders and Walkers

  • Students are welcome to enter the building any time after 7:15 AM. 
  • Any student arriving before 7:45 AM should report to the Dining Commons to work on homework or to socialize quietly. Supervision is provided.

Car Rider Traffic Pattern

  • All drop-offs and pick-ups must occur in the loop outside of the main entrance. 
  • Once on campus, all cars should turn right into the staff parking lot and loop around the perimeter before crossing into the loop. 
  • Please do not pick up or drop off your student until you have reached the loop. 
  • For the safety of our students and to be good neighbors, no pick-ups or drop-offs may occur behind the town hall or on Cedarwood Road. 

More information

Visit the District Transportation Department page for:

  • Application forms
  • Bus transportation fees and payments
  • School Fee/No Fee Zone information
  • METCO info

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