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Jenkins Update

Band students

Jenkins Seniors Class of 2023


The 71 graduating seniors who are Jenkins alumni visited to share memories and visit with their elementary teachers and staff.

Wrote about their favorite memory, plans for next year, and watched a slide show of their kindergarten through sixth-grade pictures,

The seniors played kickball, read in the Library, and helped with art projects too.

What is Coming Up at Jenkins?

  • June 5, Grade 3 Field Trip 
  • June 6, Grade 4 Field Trip
  • June 6, Grade 4 and 5 Track Meet
  • June 6, PTO Meeting
  • June 6-9, Book Fair 
  • June 7, Jenkins Spring Concert
  • June 8, Grade 5 Step Up Day to Gates Middle School
  • June 8, Book Fair Family Night
  • June 14, Field Day (rain date June 16)
  • June 15, Early Release Day and Fifth Grade Farewell
  • June 19, No School - Juneteenth Celebration
  • June 20, Last Day of School, Dismissal at 11:25 am (No Lunch)

Bus Sign Up Now Open for the 2023-2024 School Year, Registration Closes June 30th

Check the Jenkins Calendar for all of the details and most up-to-date information!

In Case You Missed It … Check out the Jenkins News Feed, including information about the upcoming Kindergarten Orientation.

Third-Grade Walking Field Trip

At the spinning wheel: Aoife Clarke, Gavin Cote, and Caroline Conlon 

  • In the Mann House, members of the Scituate Historical Society told the students some of Scituate's unique stories from the past.  They learned about Percy Mann's many professions and his "hidden treasure" in the attic, and they saw some actual tea from the Boston Tea Party!
  • The students went on a scavenger hunt for native plants in the Wild Flower Garden, guided by members of the Scituate Garden Club.  They found many kinds of ferns, native wildflowers, and blossoming trees.  

Fifth Grade at the Museum of Science


Planting the “Three Sisters”


  • Third-grade classes planted the "three sisters" (corn, beans, and squash) in the Jenkins garden.
  • Families who live near the garden are invited to help water over the summer. 

Colonial Crafter Museum


  • Each student in Mrs. Fiddler’s class researched a trade that was essential to colonial life in America during the 1700s.  
  • The students wrote to describe the roles of their crafters, the materials used, the goods produced, and the way they helped to make life easier in the colonies. 
  • They created dioramas of the crafters' shops as their museum artifacts and presented their information to their caregivers and second-grade students too.

Kindergarten-Grade 2 Shark Award


  • Nora Richards and Laila Smith accept the shark for Mrs. Christian’s class at the assembly.

  • Mrs. Christian’s second-grade class won the K-2 Shark Award with 24 shark teeth.
  • That’s 240 acts of being ‘fin’tastic!

…. and Jiji the Penguin goes to …image1-54.jpg

Mrs. Gracia (Grade 2) , Mrs. TIchnor (Grade 1)  and Mrs. Hallin’s (Grade 3)  classes earned Jiji the Penguin for their efforts for trying to complete puzzles. 

These classes never give up and keep making progress!

Grade 3-5 Shark Award

image2-46.jpgLuke Murray and Izzy Miller accept the shark for their class.

  • Mrs. Baldino’s (Masterson) class earned the Shark Award with 17 shark teeth earned in May
  • That’s 170 acts of being ‘fin’tastic!

Student Shark Awards “Leadership”


The following students were recognized for May’s theme of “Leadership”

  • Kindergarten: Sophia Boyle, Emmett Burwell, Beckett Hickey, Tripp Beaudry, Zoe Seever, Maisie Williams
  • First Grade: Nash Williams, Andrew Markarian, Emery Kent, Olivia Pisco
  • Second Grade: Olin Adams, Craig Beekman, Roselie McGowan, Emery Burwood
  • Third Grade: Duncan Stewart, Jack Tibbetts, Scotia McGuire
  • Fourth Grade: Ryan Beaudin, Colin Parker, Joshua Makaitis, Max Neary
  • Fifth Grade: Julian Desmond, Luke Murray, Jackson Neary, Cary Snyder

We will award the final Shark Awards of the year on Field Day, June 14. The theme is “Teacher’s Choice”  from this year’s monthly themes.  

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