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4th Annual Jenkins Wish Tree

Mrs. Corcoran's class

The Jenkins Wishtree Tradition Continues

Thank you to Mrs.  Corcoran and her fourth graders for continuing this Jenkins tradition:  Brynley Anderson, Ryan Beaudin, Riley Burwood, Liam Davey, Connor Gallagher, Ryan Henderson, Mia Hoffman, James Leroy, Maya Luizzi, Greta Maguire, Maggie McCullough, Olive McDemus, Cashion Milliken, Ella Poisson, Henry Ronneberg, Curren Shaw, Maggie St. Jean, Ben Studley, Sean Swindler-Walsh, Ben Tofuri, Nina Walker


In 2019, Mrs. Corcoran’s class read Wishtree by Katherine Applegate for the first time.

  • Wishtree is about a tree named Red who had been the neighborhood wish tree for over a hundred years. A young girl ties her wish for a friend to Red’s branch, and her wish comes true.
  • Mrs. Corcoran’s class loved the book and wanted to have a wishtree here at Jenkins. So, they wrote letters to Principal Long and our Jenkins wishing tradition began in 2019.

Fourth Graders Visited Classrooms to Share the Wishtree Project

  • image2-40.jpgMrs. Corcoran’s fourth graders were responsible for getting wishing materials to the other classrooms, making presentations to their fellow Jenkins sharks about Wishing Week, and retying any wishes that may fall down.
  • Fourth graders Ben Tofuri and Sean Swindler-Walsh visit Mrs. Farwell’s first-grade class to explain how the story of Red and the Jenkins wish tree tradition.

Video Presentation - 4th Annual Wishing Week at Jenkins

May all of our wishes for each other and our world come true!


  • The story Wishtree is all about being a good friend and helping those in need. This story teaches us the importance of being kind.
  • Every year during the first week of May,  Jenkins students, staff, and visitors place their wishes on our school wishtree.

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